Tips For Lasting Positivity

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Hi All, Welcome back to our blog – Tips For Lasting Positivity.

We humans are hardwired within our reptilian brain to register negative stuff.

Once upon a time this was our inbuilt ‘survival mechanism’ . This allowed our ancestors to sense early danger and then respond (before being eaten by that sabre tooth tiger!)

On the flip side positive information has to be held in awareness for at least 12 seconds before it fires a synapse which creates a potential for a long-term memory.

The problem is that in the modern world we still have that inbuilt ability to in sensing and responding to negative experiences. So our response to say , being caught up in a traffic jam that may make us late fires the same rapid response as our ancestors would have had for sensing the oncoming danger of being eaten by the sabre tooth tiger.

Remember earlier i mentioned there was a 12 second awareness to register the positive. Well we do not readily hold that energy in the way we live in the modern world. Our positive experiences are largely distracted by other things so they do not register.

So you can see how easy it is for the negative distress to be registered and cause us anxiety, stress, depression etc in our everyday lives today.

So we need to be present and practice cultivating ways which allow the positive moments leave that lasting imprint.

We need to show up to the work to create lasting changes.

Tips For Lasting Positivity.

Here are a few ideas of things that i do both personally and with clients to help them re-programme their mind map;

  • Be kind to all – say hello to a passing stranger, smile. Do something kind without expecting something back. Enjoy how it makes you feel, just because you can.
  • Be inspired – find some positive and motivational quotes, stories and articles that really makes you think. If you follow me on Facebook then i am always posting some to get you started.
  • Be grateful – give thanks for some aspect of your life every day. Be grateful for the big and little things you have in life. A home, loving relationship, that you can walk and talk, for the birdsong and the beauty in nature.
  • Be a blank canvas – Begin each day as a fresh canvas, a new beginning. Yesterday does not exist anymore so if it was disappointing today is a fresh start. Set your mind at the start of the day to see how many positives you can find.
  • Be in curiosity and choice – You are the only thinker in your own mind. You always have a choice, that choice determines your whole day. You can choose to see the rain as miserable, or you can watch the droplets that twinkle on a spiders web or land on a leaf. No-one can impose unhappiness on you against your will , thats all down to you my dear.

Remember happiness is both a journey , and happiness is also the destination. You need to focus on the journey in order to reach the destination.

Thank you for reading.

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