Comparing Blocks – How much happier could we all be ?

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Comparing Blocks - How much happier could we all be? Hi All, Welcome back to our blog – Comparing Blocks – How much happier could we all be?

Much of our blocking of peace and acceptance of ourselves comes from the inability to release ‘comparing blocks’.

We all have deep rooted programmes within our circuitry that come from early childhood.

Those experiences where we were judged in competitions, chosen for team sports, artworks laid out and ranked from best to worst. Public scoring in the playground of most to least fanciable boy or girl. Judged against our siblings by family with expectations of the same blood meaning the same skills! ….and of course there are many hundreds more.

Also if we are not comparing ourselves to others then we are comparing ourselves to ourselves based on our past experiences, photos, body image etc.

We are all living with ‘comparing blocks’. Thats a given. It really is about whether you can bring your awareness into your own life and notice where these ‘comparing blocks’ are keeping you stuck, anxious, obsessing and spiralling into negative thought patterns.

If you can become aware of these things then this is a great leverage for choosing change.

Comparing Blocks – How much happier could we all be?

You will never be your past self, you will never have those same good old times etc again, … are your present self and to be free and happy you must make experiences based on who you are today. New memories, new experiences, new happiness comes from accepting your reality right now and choosing to make the best of it.

You will never be that other person and you only see a snapshot of what they choose to show you of their ‘perfect’ world. So whilst they are posting their amazing life , perfect body etc for the world to see just remember this. They NEED to do that which means that they need validation from the world. If they need validation from the world that means they are not truly content. When you are truly content you do not put others in lack.

(The exception to this in my humble opinion are inspirers who tell their truth to share and create a positive motivational story to encourage others, this is important …you know the difference).

We all have challenges, they are all different

What can we learn from where we are in judgement or comparing in our own lives now?

How can we take that learning into our future reality?

Once we are able to observe our thoughts, then we are able to rationalise those thoughts and feelings and not allow them to define your true potential.

Although your thoughts may seem true at the time they are not. The truth is that they have been influenced by your past experiences and then the mind creates a ‘false image’ which you believe.

As we begin to observe our thoughts we can begin to make steps to make sure that they do not become the controller of a negative mind nor determine your behaviour.

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