we are part of the collective whole

We are part of the Collective Whole

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we are part of the collective whole

Hi All, welcome back to our blog – “We are part of the Collective Whole”.

I wanted to write something positive about the change that is happening within our world right now.
At the time of writing this March 2020 there is a global state of panic caused by the ‘mysterious’ Coronavirus.
The positive news is that it seems that we are beginning to awaken. To the shift that has been accelerating since 1992 to raise our vibration.
This feels like it is a massive gear change towards that 5th dimension way of being.

What does that actually mean?

Well very simply put,  in the old world model (3 dimensional 3D world )we were governed by a structure of linear thinking.
So that existence for humans followed a ‘law’ of right and wrong, good and bad, black and white way of being.
If you think of organised religion which has been our platform for 5000 ish years that demonstrates that concept of order within a very judgement based linear structure.
Without going into the planetary and multiverse side of this (thats a whole other blog!) this shift to 5D means that we start to awaken to the understanding of the Collective Consciousness. The understanding that we are part of the collective whole.
The reason why we are in such a mess is because on a much bigger level (from a multiverse or evolutionary platform) we are having a wave of developmental opportunity (awakenings).

This has been happening in stages over some time and this is quite a big step

The reason it is not affecting new humans so much is because they have been generally born into this new world 5D structure.
Sadly, the reason it is affecting elderly more so is because generally they are old world 3D. That structure is now starting to break down at a must faster pace.
From an evolutionary perspective, we only survive (at the level of collective consciousness) if old thought forms and structures are able to break down.
There will always be fall out for the sake of evolution.

Now the more we are in the thought of the collective whole, the more 5D we are vibrating. 
Of course whether we are fit and well or not, we all have a part to play for the benefit of the collective whole. Also there are some amazing 5D elders out there. This blog is to just put meat to the spiritual bones of our evolutionary path.

So through this are we finally grasping the truth in all of this?
The pure and simple truth is that we ARE part of a collective whole.
Whether we like it or not, whether we understand it or not, whether we destroy it or nurture it, whether we reject it or embrace it it will happen.
We are part of the collective whole. these times are driving this home so that we find it harder to ignore it.
Its hitting even the most stubborn, disconnected and selfish of us.
Its hitting the most loving, kindest and compassionate of us.

Why …..Because we are part of the collective whole.

We are part of the Earth , every single part of it.
We are part of the Multiverse.
We are a part of the cycles.
We are a part of the choices.
We are a part of each other.
What affects the part affects the whole.

Here is a really simple metaphor

If you are making a cake and you put salt into that cake instead of sugar then you can observe that you cannot separate the salt from the cake without affecting the whole cake. 
Even if you managed to scoop most of that salt out of the mixture there would still be some grains of salt. You would be left with a saltiness that would affect the overall taste.
The finished cake would be contaminated with salt and therefore less perfect than the than the cake you intended to make.
Its a bit like that with the world we live in.
On the surface the cake (the world) may look the same, but the end product will be affected and that is not always immediately apparent at the beginning.
So through this current climate if we can see the things that are important then we raise our vibrations and once the new world emerges can we take the practices that we are learning now and adapt them into this new life.

Have a think

  • Showing more compassion for each other.
  • Helping those who may need it.
  • Taking the positive effects of earth healing from our isolation.
  • Can we work from home more (less pollution).
  • Valuing the services that we may have taken for granted or spoken negatively about when we see the pressure they are under.
  • Can we have one day of rest as was asked for from GAIA at the beginning (see my last blog here https://peaceofmindhealth.co.uk/earth-healing-message-urgent-call-to-action/) .
  • Can we spend more time and value our family and friendships now that we have been distanced from them.
  • Can we slow down a bit.
  • Do we need the car, bus etc. Can we walk.

Thank you for reading.

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