What Is Shamanic Healing All About?

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What Is Shamanic Healing All About?Hi All, welcome back to our blog – today i wanted to talk about my work as a Shamanic Practitioner as it has become such a fundamental tool within my work.

  • When we think of a Shaman we may think of a tribal ‘witch doctor’ archetype.
  • We may think of the ‘ayahuasca’ brigade as herds of people follow the trend to try ayahuasca on a package retreat (which has created some extreme stories both positive and negative as these soul seekers come home ungrounded after the retreat).
  • We may think of some sort of mysterious rituals and ceremonies of fire.

The Shaman of Indigenous culture uses a range of tools that are native to him to gain wisdom and insights. They have skills which help them to shift their consciousness (shamanic journeying) to achieve altered states of consciousness in which they enter into the hidden world (or beyond the veil) of our middle world.
Beyond that veil , there is much more information from teacher spirit which may present themselves to the shaman in the form of the spirits of nature (plant and animal), the elementals, the ancestors, the dead, guides and other higher forces.
With the guidance of these teacher spirits the shaman can then help their subject come back to full power by performing a soul retrieval which restores power which may have been lost through the subjects traumas and life experiences.

Shamanic Healing

What Is Shamanic Healing All About?As a Shamanic Practitioner in the UK the process is no different to the indigenous shaman except the honouring of the title of Shaman to our Indigenous healer and the use of plant as a teacher through bodily ingestion for information is not practiced.

As a Shamanic Practitioner i feel passionately that we should work with the teacher spirits of the land and plants we practice on.
It seems rather disrespectful to ignore the abundance of wisdom from Father Oak , Lady Mugwort and the wisdom of the Sacred Hive and her honeyed wisdom to name but a few of my most respected teachers.
When the information from beyond the veil is acted upon the transformation can be life changing.

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