When did busyness become a business?

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When did busyness become a business? Hi All, Welcome back to our blog. When did busyness become a business?

When did we begin to value busyness as a marker of status , importance and success.
When did we acknowledge others complaining (or bragging ) about how much work they managed to fit into their schedule as something to admire or be inspired by ?

Its all become too much pressure.

Within this we have lost sight of the value of space and mindfulness. We have lost the ability to really be present in our lives.
Whilst we have too much to do, too much information and too much pressure we loose the creative part of ourselves.
When we loose the creative part of ourselves then we become dulled by life, switched off or feeling unplugged.

Consider this –In the world we live in it takes MORE courage to do LESS.


Because we feel judged by this bizarre belief system that has become our truth. When we feel judged we revert to crowd pleasing or justification techniques.
Here are some real statements to help you find your truth ;

Busyness is not essential –

Yes, there are always things to do, but believing you are always busy because you have so much to do is false , dramatic, catastrophising or being led by your ego.

Busyness is the cop out (easy numb life option) –

We are busy because we don’t make the tough choices. You are not thinking for yourself, worried of being judged and therefore crowd pleasing.

Busyness is procrastination –

A massive avoidance of life changing things that your soul is yearning for. A massive avoidance of looking yourself in the eye and taking full accountability for your life.

Busyness is addictive –

People waste hours away scrolling through their social media feeds . Rechecking for likes and getting lost on google searches for holidays, homes and retail rubbish that they do not need.

Busyness is not a marker of success –

Somewhere you have held the belief system that a busy lifestyle is a sign of importance, productivity , being organised. Actually busyness actually impairs your thinking (especially problem solving) , prevents making decisions with clarity and can prevent you from trusting your own intuition. We do not need to be more productive, we need to do less, better.

When did busyness become a business ?
When did busyness become a business ?

Your busyness squeezes the creative juices from your being.
Your busyness starves your intuitive self.
Your busyness keeps your ego driving your life. It severs the connection to everything outside of your immediate life , your connection to nature, the world.
Your busyness keeps you in lively but meaningless activity.

When i begin this soul crafting work with people they cannot possibly see how this can change in their lives, this will no doubt resonate with you too.
When you commit to this process it actually becomes so easy and fulfilling to step from being a busy fool to a contented soul in total flow with his or her life purpose.
To have fun , create, play and be free!!!

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Thank you for reading.

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