Nature or Nurture

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Do you feel that we are naturally the way we are or do you believe that is it nurtured through our life experiences?

Do you believe that we come into the world pure in heart, but we are contaminated by by the impurities of the world?

I truly believe that there is goodness in everyone, it just may be that life has shaped them so it may be more difficult to see.

Often we can look at ourselves, we may find it incredibly difficult to see the good within ourselves. We may have lived through our life experiences shaped and conditioned to see only the dark the negative. If our life experiences have been shaped in this way then it is understandable that we have a vision that is trained to see more darkness and negativity.

But let me ask you this –

Who would choose to live in the darkness?

Who would choose to be a negative person?

If you were asked to decide, to make that as a life choice then i am certain that you would not make that as a conscious choice.

That’s why it is essential you find the good, however small within yourself, tend to it, nurture it, nourish it – just as you would the plants in your garden. To begin this as a daily mindful practice is part of growing your own self love, self care and planting yourself a future that has more loving kindness towards yourself.,

When you focus on the good, the positive within yourself, you give it life, you give it permission to grow and to be restored to your essence or nature. The good has been there all along, simply out of your inner sight, out of your awareness.

Nature or Nurture

You are a being of love and light, you may just need to water your garden a little more often and i encourage you to use this time of stillness to reflect and self care.

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Thank you for reading.

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