Sovereignty and Integrity

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Sovereignty and Integrity








Hi All,

Welcome back to our blog – Sovereignty and Integrity.

We are always creating. Whether it is in the positive or in the negative our thoughts are constant activists in our future outcomes.

We always have choices.

We can step into our sovereignty and take ownership for our power. This can be tremendously helpful once we harness it to navigate through our worlds. We can blame external factors and keep ourselves enslaved , controlled as we give our power over to others.

The mastery of life is stepping into our sovereignty.

As a Life Coach and Soul Journey Practitioner stepping into our sovereignty is a fundamental aspect for ALL future based successes to be achieved in life. Full accountability and mastery of the laws that govern the attractor patterns of the mind are the keys to ultimate success.

The integrity in life is the choices we take in how we use that power.

So the way i look at it is that we can either use our power in an inclusive way or in an exclusive way.
Let me explain this a little further .
Power when used in an inclusive way WITH others can be a wonderful expansive tool. When we share our power with others in a connected way it raises the vibration of all and it unites the group . Collective power gives the group the united vibrational energy of connection , respect, safety , decency and trust. We all get the benefit.
Examples of inclusive power ;

  • Sharing knowledge. Teaching, sharing and empowering others without fear of their gain being your loss.
  • Global thinking. Making decisions that serve the greater good , rather than serving just your own needs.
  • Understanding all as one. Harming none, Judging none , practicing empathy and kindness unconditionally. This is a huge shift in growth to be able to rise to the awareness that everything you do , say , think etc impacts on every other being and back to you too.

Sovereignty and Integrity

Sovereignty and IntegrityPower when used in an exclusive way OVER is an extremely contracting tool. When we use our power OVER another being then there is NO benefit from this energy.
When we use our power as a tool of strength over others or to install fear to gain authority then we are disconnecting the whole. This energy weakens , divides , destabilises and projects fear and distrust. No one gets the benefit. The short term gain is off set in the long run (a bit like karmic patterning) and there is actually no personal long term gain for this as it lowers your vibration which keeps you in lack.
Examples of exclusive power ;

  • Domination such as intimidation, ridiculing, excluding , negative comments, banter etc.
  • Social Domination. This passive aggressive use of power where intimidation and banter happens over forums such as social media.
  • Collective bullying. Using fear based tactics to gather groups who act out your thought forms such as conspiracy theorists.

We are always creating , and for a healthy mind, and an energy field filled to the brim with good vibrational energy i encourage you to consider how you step into your sovereignty with integrity. Life gets amazing when you learn these amazing life tools.

Thank you for reading.

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