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SimplicityHi All, Welcome back to our blog. Simplicity

Don’t you think that life has become way too complicated. Complications seem to be an inevitable by-product of modern living.

We have somewhere along the way lost the ability to take pleasures in the simple way of life. Many people have lost the art of just creating, playing and the blissful satisfaction of true simplicity.

We rely so heavily on external stimulations to give us pleasure.  Other people, things and places.

Walking in the woods people still listen to music rather than the music of nature or chatter away to others or on their phones as we do not know how to be quiet and present any more. Even at retreats the main attractions for attendees are the afternoon teas and lunches provided.

True Simplicity gives birth to true inspirations. True Simplicity brings about real Peace Of Mind.

In order to come back to a calm, clear and peaceful mind we need to refocus on true simplicity.

Keeping my own mind calm and clear requires a committed practice to draw me away from the external trappings of the modern world.

It is easy to become mind- lazy in this world and often we do not realise this is happening. For example after a long day at work we may easily fall into the mind numbing of TV rather than practice meditation to clear the mind. Which is easier and more comfortable.

However when we sleep walk through our life we may find that we then have no place to support us through the challenges of life and we become trapped in the cycle of dissatisfaction and we are far from pace of mind.

Maintaining a balance of living simply yet comfortably, only using what we really need of the earth’s resources and practicing stillness within the mind will always bring feelings of peace and  abundance in our life.

Thank you for reading.

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