Ten things to remember in life

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Ten things to remember in lifeHi All, Welcome back to our blog – Ten things to remember in life.

When everything seems displaced in the world around us and we struggle to find an anchoring point within our own thoughts it can be helpful to have a checklist to ground us back into a calmer energy. I invite you to consider the below as a guide to help you navigate through life when things feel unsettled.

Ten things to remember in life;

1. Listen to your heart it is wiser than your head.
2. The goal in life is not to survive it but to live it through all emotional states.
3. Be generous with others and equally generous with yourself.
4. Love is really the only thing that matters allow this to be your focus.
5. You are as insignificant as a drop of water and you are the whole ocean simultaneously.
6. Forgive yourself daily for not being perfect, whatever that means.
7. When did you last laugh, sing , dance or play ? If the answer is not today then it must become your top priority.
8 .Be brave enough to say no sometimes.
9. Be brave enough to say yes sometimes.
10. Remember you always have choice. A choice in how to think , how to feel and how to react. Use your choices wisely.
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Thank you for reading.

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