The Cost Of Belonging

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The Cost Of Belonging Hi All,
Welcome back to the blog – The cost of belonging.

Have you ever stopped to think about what that means. The cost of belonging ?

What i mean by belonging is fitting in. That is what most people spend their lives trying to do fit in. Even when they are trying to stand out they are really trying to fit in… is that for a strange paradox…standing out to fit in !

There is a cost for us all to belong, my question to you is …is it worth it ?

For me i identified that the cost of belonging or fitting in is my silence.

What does that mean ?

I recognise that my belief system was “If I learn to present to the world what they want to see then I get to belong”. 

My silence means that i am keeping myself small and contracted. My silence means that i gag my inner wild, that i mask my  truth. My silence means that i am  presenting to the world what it wants me to be , all packaged up in a way they can understand me. I fit in nicely with the rules of the world and how it operates.

As i began to align with my soul energy i began to identify with my truth . That inner calling that had been caged, gagged, suppressed and suffocated for way too long. My soul helped me realise that I do not wish to keep myself contracted. I do not wish to limit myself or be split from my soul journey.

There is a real comfort in being true to yourself.  ” If the cost of our integrity is silence then maybe the cost is too high ?”  I remember hearing this somewhere and it had such a great impact on me. It just reverberated through the essence of me.

For me these days i show up to the work and check in with where i am operating at;

  • Am i acting with truth ? That means to my own truth of how i choose to live my life and uphold my values and beliefs. That means not conforming to someone else’s belief systems of right or wrong etc. If i am not behaving and being in my own truth then it is a lie. And for every lie i tell , or for every ‘ version of a false truth’ i am protecting , I am ultimately paying the price.
  • Am i acting with integrity ? That means integrity to my own needs versus trying to impress , be liked , fit in or stand out.
  • Am i acting with authenticity ? That means genuine openness of my worth , without ego. Allowing myself to stand in my truth and power. To take accountability over my own life and owning it.
  • Am I honouring my soul path ? This means checking in with your ego as if operating from the ego then you will be in some way trying to fit in. Your soul ‘longs to be’ which is very different from what we are actually doing to ‘be long’.

Thank you for reading.

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