Words Of The Soul

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Hi All , Welcome back to the blog – Words Of The Soul.

Some words just have more substance and beauty than other words.
Some words just feel like they come from the soul, from higher dimensions and connect with the heart.
Words Of The Soul

  • Compassion
  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Peace
  • Joy

These words have an energy that feels somehow channelled from a higher plane.

The more we embody these words and appreciate these words feels like the closer we become to the unity of consciousness. If we live in the heart of these words then we live in a place of soul connection.

Compassion – feels to me like it is the presence of the soul itself . Compassion comes to life when its thought form is directed towards any other sentient being. Compassion feels like it is the body of the oversoul in the depth of the human heart.

Faith – feels like we are surrendering our ego to a higher power. Faith means that on some level we all believe that there is more than we can possibly know as a guiding force. Even the most binary thinkers , analytical minds and logical brains amongst us will have plea bargained with an invisible energy, entity or deity in the most dire of their life situations.

Hope – this is a word that feels like oxygen to me. You cannot see it and yet if it is there then there is potential for vital life force to flow. Hope is something that will create an active energy that is like an anaesthesia shot from the soul to navigate us through the otherwise unbearable circumstances.

Peace – I feel that peace can only truly be alive with compassion to compete it. Deluded minds hold attachments, anger, judge, blame etc . These delusions of mind are healed with compassionate practice. With compassion as the guiding light we have then a potential for true peace of mind.

Joy – requires compassion in order to have any true depth in feeling its presence. Joy without compassion feels like ‘banter’ … a cheap laugh at another beings expense is never going to fill us in the way joy with compassion will.

What do you feel when you explore each of these words?

I invite you to spend a day with each at the forefront of your intentions and notice what shifts for you.

Thank you for reading.


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